Message Myopia Sabotages Sales

Photo: Eyeglasses.Here’s the takeaway:

Singular focus on product specs and features undermines efforts at customer engagement. Visitor-centric messages generate higher ROI that will increase sales this year.

Myopia is defined as “defective vision…

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What Do Trends In Luxury Travel And Healthcare Have In Common? A Lot!

Logo: Private Access Journeys

The ways in which Affluents drive innovation downward are important to understand for brands across the spectrum. Healthcare and Travel are two of the most sensitive–and apparent–sectors in…

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The Secret Sauce Your Digital Tribe Craves

sauceHere’s the take away:

Since BOTH user-generated and brand-generated content shape a brand’s initial impressions, and begin to shape expectations about the brand experience, the effort to set expectations and initial impressions…

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