Jan Maddox

Jan Maddox

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Garden Tree Brooch








Jan Maddox makes both jewelry and two-dimensional assemblages which usually involve metal in some way.  Most of her jewelry uses sterling with stones and gold as accents of color.  Her work is very geometric in its basic form but the surfaces often are textured and/or involve combinations of different finishing techniques.   Matt or shiny, each piece has its own particular character but they are invariably simple, pure shapes with subtle developments of the surface and color contrasts.  They convey a strong sense of careful design, evidence of her long experience as a designer and teacher of design and crafts.  Her pieces tend to be understated and have strong graphic qualities but are very comfortable to wear.

Her most recent work involves using Prismacolor pencils to draw on the gesso coated metal surface of the piece.  Layers of varnish and color pencil enable her to develop dense images since colored pencil is usually very transparent.  The finishing process involves using many coats of varnish to protect and harden the surface.  In addition to incorporating color into her work, she has used the pencils to recreate images of modern painters on a miniature scale, using the sterling to frame each image and often incorporating beaded necklaces.  Frequently the pieces can be worn as either a pendant or a brooch.

Unusual double rings that sit between two fingers and some that look like three different rings have long been a specialty of Jan’s oeuvre.  She combines unique semi-precious stones with textured silver forms or other stones that provide interesting color combinations.

Jan, Professor Emerita at Montgomery College, is currently a member of the Waverly Street Gallery in Bethesda MD.  Her jewelry and assemblages can be seen there and on their web sites: waverlystreetgallery.com , jewelryatwaverlystreetgallerybethesda.com, her own web site janmaddoxjewelry.com or on Facebook.



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