Elaine Speiser

Elaine Speiser

Email: egspeiser@gmail.com
Website: www.egspeiser.com





Drawing inspiration from architectural elements, textiles and the beauty of nature, Elaine Speiser creates wearable art.  From her local studio, the artist handcrafts her jewelry designs using traditional techniques while exploring the possibilities of the materials.

Her work offers a twist on classic design.  She enjoys mixing metals, creating one-of-a-kind textures and forming unique shapes to give each piece a personality of its own.  Sterling Silver, 18 and 22K Gold are her choice materials while incorporating selected pearls, faceted gemstones and natural cabochons.

Studying under many well-known local artists, EG Speicer is a member of the Washington Guild of Goldsmiths and the American Craft Council.  She has shown her works in Washington, DC and Bethesda, MD.


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