Cindy Calahan

Cindy Calahan


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I learned jewelry design and metal working techniques at the University of Maryland in the mid-seventies. From 1977 to 1985 I was the resident metalsmith at a retail craft store, The Craftsmen of Chelsea Court, in Washington, D.C.  Here I did mainly custom work and repairs.  At this time much of my jewelry was first carved in wax and then cast in silver or gold.

When the store closed,  I went home to work and created my first wholesale line of jewelry.  It was at this point that I realized  I actually enjoyed working directly in the metal more than casting.

For the past twenty-five years I have been producing an ever evolving line of fabricated  silver jewelry.  I sell to craft stores through out the country and exhibit at a limited number of retail craft shows.  For fifteen of these years, I had a studio at  The Rockville Arts Place in Rockville, Maryland.

My jewelry is classic but contemporary.  I was taught that jewelry has to have a flow. I am addicted to stones-agates and jaspers, etc.  I like the textures of schists and druses. I like the rustic beside the smooth, finely polished.  I combine these elements  to make wearable, one of a kind pin-pendants.

In my latest jewelry I am combining beach stones with pearls and sand dollars.


2013 Shows

Oct. 5 – 6    Wheaton Arts Festival of Fine Craft – Millville, NJ

Oct. 11 – 12   Sugarloaf Crafts Festival – Gaithersburg, MD

Oct. 19 – 20   Academy Art Museum Craft Show – Easton, MD

Dec. 13 – 15   Holiday Craft Morristown – Morristown, NJ


Stores and Galleries

Waygoose Redux –  Bethesda, MD

Appalachian Spring – MD, VA, D.C.

Imagine – Skaneateles, N.Y.

JJ Fish – Berlin, MD

Environmental Realists – Sedona, AZ

Grovewood Gallery – Asheville, N.C.



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