Retirement Planning

We’ll answer two questions:

  1. Do I have enough?
  2. Am I saving enough?

How we answer them, though, is a little more involved. We look at the kind of lifestyle you want to have in retirement, determine a cost for it, and factor in taxes and inflation. We’ll evaluate your current investments to ensure they’re allocated correctly considering your needed portfolio withdrawals, and further model in the timing decisions on when to claim your pensions and social security. We stress-test this through bear market scenarios and variable rates of return to determine whether you’re on track or need to take corrective actions.

Everything done here is about making sure that when you retire, you stay retired.

Investment Planning

We’ll help you create a plan tailored to hitting your retirement goals. When we construct portfolios, we are looking to optimize your portfolio for risk over your time horizon. We use a combination of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds (ETFs) when building portfolios and keep an eye towards minimizing costs where possible.

Full disclosure: what we build is boring by design. Not everyone got in on the Amazon IPO, but our approach coupled with our retirement and financial planning advice could help you make better decisions with your money.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a series of steps that help you define and accomplish your goals. First, we gather and analyze data about your income, expenses, taxes, insurance coverage, retirement plans, wills, trusts, investments and other information pertinent to your overall financial situation. We’ll work together to set realistic goals, some of which may span decades.

The next part is all us, as we take everything you’ve provided back to the lab and create a series of recommended action items to reach your goals. It’s rare for everything to be done at once, which is why we’ll also provide you with a series of alternate strategies if we can’t tick off everything that’s been recommended. As the steward of your funds, implementing our recommendations ultimately falls on you. However, we are here to help you carry the load and will work alongside you to implement the recommendations.

Tax Planning

Carmichael Hill does not offer tax advice or tax preparation services, but we can work closely with your tax professional to coordinate your overall tax planning efforts. We want our clients to take advantage of any favorable tax treatment to which they are entitled. Proper tax strategies need to be implemented early in the year for maximum benefit. Decisions you make today can affect your tax bill next year and beyond.

College Planning

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Bad Stuff

While planning for our death or incapacity is never fun, developing a plan to ensure that your wishes and intent are honored when you’re no longer around or able to see them through is important. We’ll work closely with your estate planning attorney to structure your assets in accordance with a well drafted plan and will review your insurance coverage to make sure you’re adequately covered. 

When your time ultimately does come, the Carmichael Hill team will be here to assist your heirs in fulfilling your instructions with our knowledge of your financial plan.

Workplace Benefits Analysis

Evaluating the options available to you in your workplace benefits plan can be challenging. Carmichael Hill can help you navigate your company stock options and ESOP plan, the various medical plans, whether the HSA makes sense for you, and explain the fine print on your 401(k).

Small Business Benefits Planning

We help business owners make good choices when selecting employee and executive benefits. We can help you find ways to protect the equity in your company, reduce your tax liability, increase your benefit dollars, preserve your estate, and attract and retain employees. We can design and manage retirement plans, executive benefit plans, investment strategies, financial education for employees, and employee benefit communication.