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Cayley Thacker A&M2

My name is Cayley Thacker. I am a 22-year-old painter from Washington DC. I have studied art both in Boston and Los Angeles for the past four years and now am back in the DC area, with the hope to begin showing and selling my work. I am continuing to study painting in DC under a local artist—Natasha Mokina.

The majority of my work is painted, in oil, from life. I am interested in classical realism and am seeking to gain more technical proficiency in this style of painting. Most of the subject matter in my pieces is either figurative or landscape. I prefer the challenge of painting people—of capturing the personality of a subject. John Singer Sargent serves as a role model to many of my current projects. As a portrait painter, he was a master at working alla prima (wet-on-wet), which means he worked quickly but also with great technical facility. He tended almost to Impressionism at times, another area of budding interest to me. 

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