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Kristina Penhoet A&M1

Kristina Penhoet creates abstract and expressionist sculpture using traditional and modern felt-making techniques.  Her work takes cues from living organisms, landscapes and architecture; seeking to find beauty in the strange and ugly and pursuing themes of connection, mutation and diversity. Her use of wool as a tactile, natural material is consistent with her themes and the organic properties of her work.

After earning a degree in biology, Kristina attended Otis College of Art and Design concentrating on sculpture and environmental design, eventually pursuing a degree and career in architecture. When she became disenchanted with restrictive creative process of architectural design, she rekindled her love of making and discovered fiber as a medium.

Originally from the West Coast, Kristina currently resides in Washington, DC with her family and a naughty dog that wants to be good.


Bahia Akerele – On the Purple Couch A&M1

Reuse, Renew and Conserve is at the heart and soul of On the Purple Couch and its owner Bahia. We are a space for you to create  and transform your home.  Our space, the colors and the displays are all presented with the notion that we might create a space that transcends the every day and gives our guest a chance to come in and take a deep breath and be transformed if only for a time. 

On the Purple Couch

Nur Sagmanligil A&M2

I am a Jeweler and Metalsmith. Although I worked in a different field before, arts and crafts have always been an important part of my life. Over the course of my life I created objects using different media. I have worked with fiber, paper, glass and found objects. After taking classes in flower making, crafts and needle work, finally, I found myself in a metalsmithing class. On the first day of class, I was fascinated with the idea that I can incorporate my techniques with metalsmithing.

My inspiration for art is life. With each piece, it seems I start with one thing and end up with something else; like life, it is unpredictable and full of surprises. When I see my finished work, it’s like seeing a newborn baby. A new life is waiting for it; I do not know who will use it, or how they will use it. My hope is that other people feel the same connection to my work as I have.


RockShark Apparel A&M2

We are a full service boutique print shop, located at Artists & Makers Studios 2 in Rockville. We assist you through the entire design and production process. Not only will you know exactly what is going on with your order, our expert designers will make sure your vision is preserved. RockShark Apparel gives limitless possibilities to your shirts, athletic apparel, glassware, and much more! We’ve worked with a variety of industries from large corporate clients to local sports teams. No job is too small for us!


Melanie Grishman A&M2

Melanie Grishman is a fiber artist who uses various techniques to capture the essence of her subject. Most of the fabrics she uses have been hand dyed, printed, and/or painted. 

Her extensive travels provide fabrics from other countries for her work.  Her work utilizes images from nature and from her travels. She has worked in fiber for over 50 years.

The works utilize all of the techniques that she uses to create fabrics as well as a few commercial fabrics. They are machine pieced, appliquéd, and quilted.


Alex May A&M1

My passion for crochet stemmed from a birthday present my mother gave to me in 2014: a handmade, stuffed, crochet octopus. Something about the design of the cute creature caught my interest, and when I found the book that my mother had gotten the crochet pattern from, I was hooked!

Since then, I have started and (mostly) finished dozens and dozens of crochet projects, from wearable accessories to stuffed animals. I never intended to get into the field of fiber arts, but I found myself falling in love with it and want to continue experimenting with various patterns, materials, and creations.

Hook and Yarn